Automated Acoustics


Organic acoustic based music with live instruments, electronica and layered vocals on some tracks. Cello (both bowed and played like a mini double bass), mbira (African thumb piano), autoharp, organ, live brush stick drums, electronic beats, deep soul vocals, funky percussion, home-made wierd instruments and asylum sensibilities. Experimental indie-tronica for space cadets.

Welcome to the dawn of 'uneasy listening'. Imagine a hybrid of Tom Waits, Aphex Twin, and Debussy, and you have your finger on the tip of Automated Acoustics' creative iceberg. Experimental electronica and avant-garde beats collide creating some of "the most inventive music you're likely to hear this year" (

Automated Acoustics is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire. In addition to writing and providing all the vocals, he plays autoharp, cello, mbira (thumb piano), organ, violin, marimba, glockenspiel, drums, steelpan, percussion, piano, keys/synth, guitar, bass, singapore whistle, beatboxing, body percussion, & the world's weirdest guitar. There's not one sample to be found, and he only uses homemade or old instruments, picking them up from charity shops and car-boot sales, and modifying and repairing them to his satisfaction.

Automated Acoustics grew up in the South-West UK and spent "a large proportion of my early teens tripping in the woods with a portable recorder". At 15 he enrolled early in music-college. Three courses later, he went on to teach music production, while being a regular face at the infamous South-West free-parties and dodging the gaze of the local plod.

If you prefer your music to challenge your cerebral cortex, thenAutomated Acoustics is for you. Vocal tracks come across like a young Tom Waits, delivered with the kind of startling musical backing that veers between glacial electronics and grinding, industrial jazz.

In a natural progression from the gritty electro-blues of "Ejector Seat Blues", & the industrial space-jazz of "Love To The Dedicated Listener" some of his latest material has a more electronic, dancefloor vibe, featuring a variety of female vocalists.

"Something completely new & organically fresh – Automated Acoustics – a one man band whose love & relentless dream state productions will make you gush in their shimmering splendour." Clash Magazine – Feature (print)

"Gill himself plays all the instruments & performs all vocals in this accomplished piece of music… This is Gill's sound… An enormously impressive debut" - Bearded Magazine review (print)

"His debut showcases a weird but often wonderful vision" - DJ Magazine review (print)

"Gill (Automated Acoustics) is clearly addicted to making music with a fervour that very few artists could hope to match" Clash magazine – Feature (print)?

"Stands up to line by line attention at musical level…It's music to listen to, to dedicate some time to…It's complex, irrational, moody & funky. I like it." Whisperin' & Hollerin' Magazine review (web)

"A REAL discovery to my ears." - Intuitive Music Magazine feature (web)

"This is amazing, really organic sounding & straight from the heart - you can tell."

- Audio Lunchbox review (web)

"An engaging and strangely rural sound…the overall feeling is of a complete sounding work. Well worth checking out." - Smallfish review (web)

"One to watch… man or machine?" - M8 Magazine feature (print)

"Utterly different, fresh & funky. Imagine if Aphex Twin, Tom Waits, Beethoven, Cylob & Dr. John were in a band together....Amazing." - Norman Records review (web)

"Makes Amon Tobin look like Stock, Aitken, and Waterman." – Rough Trade review (web)

"The wonky strings, brushed drum kits and warbling electronic bass is all the more impressive." – Boomkat review (web)

"Its unique style is sustained in a very particular voice that tiles magnificent songs on acoustic instrumentations with a touch of discreet and distorted electronic and magnificent melodies." - Suburbanlab review (Spain) (web)

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More Sunshine

Released on 07/11/2011

Love to the Dedicated Listener

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