Vagabond Skills


Vagabond skills are breeching the barriers of conventional hip hop, melding together extra sensory poetic chaos with grinding industrial sub-funk. Intensely drenched dark beats and basses pave the way for Vagabonds Skills disturbing melodies and haunting vocal outbursts.

Delivered with a sardonic twist, the music takes elements of Dubstep, Electronica, Hip-Hop, I..D.M and Grime and sets fire to them. Minimal Pig's expert production and structural inventiveness creates the backbone to Defaces varied repertoire of off kilter lyrical excursions. With topics ranging from deep space exploration to simple copulation, Deface paints a varied palette of abstract, smoke fuelled tales which spark deliberation.

Now resident in the UK once again, Deface has roots that stretch back to the illegal field parties or the late 90's and beyond. It was at one of these infamous free parties that he first happened upon the unusual Cat, Minimal Pig.

Minimal Pig has been a regular face in the South-West music scene for a while, having released critically acclaimed records worldwide under the Automated Acoustics alias, promoting club nights and wobbling his eyeballs with sub-bass. Guesting on the album is Long Beach resident MC Kris Ransom, who has collaborated with Mad Professor, Wu Tang & many others. A reformed Crip gangster, he now raps about vanquishing the vampires he used to know. Singing on "Vagabond Dub" is vocalist R Bless. This Lee "Scratch" Perry collaborator lends his warm dub vocals beautifully.

Vagabond Skills is a collaboration that has been in the pipeline for a few years - with Deface regularly flying over from his then-home of a seedy back street in Holland to record insane freestyle sessions with Minimal, which have subsequently been mashed, smoked and snorted up into the innovative cocktail you hear today.


The Evasive Pages Vol.4

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The Evasive Pages Vol.3

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The Evasive Pages Vol.2

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