AB Press And Radio Quotes

Our first release in 10 years “Built From Memories” by Automated Acoustics (ALTBLUE014) has received love so far from: Resonance FM, Drum & Bass Network Radio, Tak Tent Radio, Eagles Nest Radio, TQ Magazine…more coming… Release date 26th Feb 2021

Automated Acoustics - Built From Memories - album art

Press Quotes for previous releases (Automated Acoustics)

“Something completely new & organically fresh – Automated Acoustics – a one man band whose love & relentless dream state productions will make you gush in their shimmering splendour.”                                                             Clash Magazine – Feature (print)

“Gill himself plays all the instruments & performs all vocals in this accomplished piece of music… This is Gill’s sound…                                           An enormously impressive debut”                                                                   Bearded Magazine review (print)

“His debut showcases a weird but often wonderful vision” – DJ Magazine review (print)“

Gill (Automated Acoustics) is clearly addicted to making musicwith a fervour that very few artists could hope to match”               Clash magazine – Feature (print)

“Stands up to line by line attention at musical level…It’s music to listen to, to dedicate some time to…It’s complex, irrational, moody & funky. I like it.” Whisperin’ & Hollerin’ Magazine review (web)

“A REAL discovery to my ears.” – Intuitive Music Magazine feature (web)“This is amazing, really organic sounding & straight from the heart – you can tell.”                                                                                                                      Audio Lunchbox review (web)

“An engaging and strangely rural sound…the overall feeling is of a complete sounding work. Well worth checking out.”                                      Smallfish review (web)

      “One to watch… man or machine?”                                                                             M8 Magazine feature (print)

“Utterly different, fresh & funky. Imagine if Aphex Twin, Tom Waits, Beethoven, Cylob & Dr. John were in a band together….Amazing.”     Norman Records staff review (web)

“Makes Amon Tobin look like Stock, Aitken, and Waterman.”                     Rough Trade staff review (web)

“The wonky strings, brushed drum kits and warbling electronic bass is all the more impressive.”                                                                                                       Boomkat staff review (web)

“Its unique style is sustained in a very particular voice that tiles magnificent songs on acoustic instrumentations with a touch of discreet and distorted electronic and magnificent melodies.”                                                                Suburbanlab review (Spain) (web)

Optikatechniqua radio+club support

All Young Kings – Plugging Report   16/03/09




3 tracks played on Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 1.

30 minute mix on Electronic Explorations

Optikatechniqua – Six Month Flower [Alternative Blueprint] Played by Simon Harrison on the ‘Basic Soul’ radio show, broadcast on http://www.basic-soul.co.uk and syndicated around the world. (2/3/09)


Ooh .. this is fun, nice to have a head nod on the old ipod .. if i had one that is.

(Si Begg – Bang Face/Noodles/Various – UK)

Amazing production and wicked sounds.

(Plump Dj’s – Eargasm/Fabric/Various – Worldwide)

Yeah feelin this intense beat flavoured madness… Playing it, Loud!!!!

(Dj Ease “Nightmares On Wax” – Various – Worldwide)

Psycadelic space funk, I like it!

(Toshio Matsuura – UFO/RBMA/Various – Japan)

Yeah I like this, nice hard drums, plenty of acid and a bit dark.

(Toob ‘Red Snapper – Koko/Cargo/Various – Worldwide)

Yeah I like it!

(Nico De Ceglia – Various clubs/Codex/radio 1 – Worldwide)

Like it, and ‘Six month flower” from the album is fantastic.

(Simon Harrsion – Basic Soul Radio/Various – UK)

Bass at its dirtiest. Nice.

(Russ ‘Cuban Brothers’ – Bestival/Big Chill/Various – Worldwide)

Like this, gonna be difficult to squeeze into the DJ set, but feelin it still!

(Ross Wakefield ’Part Time Heroes’ – Cargo/Koko/Hideout Sessions – UK)

Great, I used to work with Lawrence, full support.

(Rob ‘Electronic Explorations’ – Various – UK)

Yeah, I like it… nice grooves.

(Rob ‘Stereo M.c’s’ Birch – Old Queens Head/Fabric/Various – UK)

Well produced and alternative.

(Profisee – Lucky Me/The Ivy/Various – Scotland)

Completely hard to define, but suitably nuts. Perhaps a little noisy and messy for all dancefloors, but interesting listening to those with ears tuned to the alternative. Promising and interesting.

(Domu –Sonar Circle/CoOp/Deviations/Various – UK)

Some crazy shit right here. 8/10.

(Mike Stukes – Mystic Vibes Radio – NYC)

Fuck me! I feel like ive been sucked down a worm hole the wrong way round.
This tune will leave you feeling melted like a cheese fondueux

(Loui Slipperz – Task Force/Kung Fun/Various – UK)

Finely tuned textures.

(Dj A La Fu: VaVa/Big Dada Records/Sub Club/SHMU FM – Glasgow/Worldwide)

I really like it.

(Jonny Ackroyd – Various – Leeds/Sheffield)

Big, classic hip-hop breaks smothered with heavy heavy bass.

(Shuffle – Mother Bar/93 Feet East/Various – UK)

That’s some twisted, nasty future shit – I like it and will terrorise my listeners with it..

(Global SoulJah – BBE Radio/Scanner 96.6FM/Various – Barcelona)

Crazy but I did it, freaky shit!

(Kid Kanevil – First Word/Doctors Orders/Various – UK)

Really like this Optikatechniqua stuff.

(Duncan Smith – Sony Playstaton Audio Sync/Various – UK)

Pretty nice, if a little crazy first thing in the morning.

(Disorda ‘Suspect Packages’ – Various – UK)

Very fuckd up. But I like it!

(Dave Spencly – Sir Vinyl/Various – South Coast)

Very clever stuff, took a couple of listens to get into but I really like it.

(Danny Delta – Substance/Headshell/Various – UK)

Wicked, will be playing this tonight.

(Brendan Webb – Southpaw/Various – Australia)

Not bad, a little bit too bonkers for us but reminds us an a dirtier and harder Depthcharge.

(One Deck Pete and Popular – Steroid Abuse/Vibe Bar/Various – UK)

Wicked! Feeling the nasty drums and old school 303 action. Will play whenever possible†(prob more for radio), heavy.

(Ben Morris – Kudos Distribution/Various – UK)

Bit mad I like the breakbeat bit real Warp Records sound

(DJ Stoaty – The Tuesday Club/Various – Sheffield)