Alternative Blueprint is an experimental record label based near Bristol, U.K.

We released some fearless experimental music back in the Naughties, on 12″ vinyl and CD before different music work took over and releases stopped. Now after a 9 year break Alternative Blueprint Records is rebooted for 2021 and beyond.

Alternative Blueprint – music for specialists.

new for 2023

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“Built From Memories” – Singles

alternative blueprint youtube picks

Barebow Rebellion – Electro Neo Classical Trailer – ALTBLUE014
BOTG (Exotic Mix) – Surreal orchestral trailer music – ALTBLUE014
Titanium Flex – Hip hop – ALTBLUE008
The Earthlings Have Landed – Wild swamp blues funk – ALTBLUE002
Ghosting Again – Deep cinematic trailer – ALTBLUE014
Redux – Melodic electro dubstep – ALTBLUE009
King Laugh – Swamp blues experiment – ALTBLUE002
Lover’s Lament – Electronic opera acid – ALTBLUE007
Settle For Fiction – Grimy electro rap – ALTBLUE005
Too Much Interference – Hip hop – ALTBLUE006
Figures Bent From Wire – Psychedelic jazz-crunk-voodoo experiment – ALTBLUE002
Bring Your Magic – Voodoo jazz – ALTBLUE004
Planetary Implications – Acid hip hop – ALTBLUE012
The Door – Jungle flex out – ALTBLUE005
Vagabond Dub – Dubby hip hop – ALTBLUE010
Great Britain (Ransommix) – Hip hop – ALTBLUE012
Ejector Seat Blues – Avant garde cello electronica – ALTBLUE002
Earthquake – Experimental hip hop – ALTBLUE006
The Universal Proportion – Otherworldly journey – ALTBLUE004
She Can Hear It – Mashup dancehall – ALTBLUE005
Distanktion – Freestyle hip hop – ALTBLUE010
Black & Blue Beat – Dark journey into hell – ALTBLUE005


Love To The Dedicated Listener – Automated Acoustics

Sinister Dub – OptikaTechNiqua

The Evasive Pages Vol.1 – Vagabond Skills

Ejector Seat Blues E.P. – Automated Acoustics

Redux Redub – OptikaTech

More Sunshine – Automated Acoustics

The Evasive Pages Vol.2 – Vagabond Skills

Well Inspected – The Jive Inspector

12″ Vinyl only release

The Evasive Pages Vol.3 – Vagabond Skills

Alternative Blueprint Vol.1 – Various Artists

The Evasive Pages Vol.4 – Vagabond Skills