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Devilish cinematic alt-rock, weaves some dark magic with live guitar, violin, double bass, cello, sax and haunting choir. A unique brew. 27/1/23

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4 tracks of wonky bass music, hip hop, booty bounce, trap, grime and jungle all fused together in a rosin-soaked package from the top-shelf. Debut EP by our new artist.

Born & raised in Barbados, now living in the UK, with plenty of time spent in LA & Amsterdam. Baron Wasteland brings influences of all these cultures into his music.

Baron Wasteland – Ballistic Fire (single) Jan 2023

– Automated Acoustics – Built From Memories – ALTBLUE014

Previous releases on 12″, CD & Digital (alternatively click here for AB Spotify playlists)

Love To The Dedicated Listener – Automated Acoustics

Sinister Dub – OptikaTechNiqua

The Evasive Pages Vol.1 – Vagabond Skills

Ejector Seat Blues E.P. – Automated Acoustics

Redux Redub – OptikaTech

More Sunshine – Automated Acoustics

The Evasive Pages Vol.2 – Vagabond Skills

Well Inspected – The Jive Inspector

12″ Vinyl only release

The Evasive Pages Vol.3 – Vagabond Skills

Alternative Blueprint Vol.1 – Various Artists

The Evasive Pages Vol.4 – Vagabond Skills