Automated Acoustics

Automated Acoustics music is a slow burn. Often starting as a tiny spark in the ear, and building to an inferno ready to consume you.

Previous releases 2004-2011 have been adventurous and experimental, delving into twisted swamp bluesglacial electronicaspaced-out piano, and grinding industrial jazz. Receiving critical acclaim, but remaining in the undergound.

Overall it sounds a bit like if Tom Waits collaborated with Aphex Twin, then was remixed by Hans Zimmer.

Automated Acoustics has constantly been creating music behind the scenes for music agencies, landing placements for music & sound design in the trailers for Alien:Covenant & Antlers, among other syncs.

The new material varies from Alt-rock, electronica, trailer music, orchestral and various blends between. Made with live instruments, found sounds, synths and vocals. Guest musicians lend their expertise.

latest releases

A dramatic reworking of this classic Beethoven piece. Avant-garde style with electronic, choral and percussive flavours.
Devilish cinematic alt-rock, weaves some dark magic with live guitar, violin, double bass, cello, sax and haunting choir. A unique brew.

Sounds like a cross between Tom Waits and Aphex Twin, remixed by Hans Zimmer. New release “Built From Memories” is experimental trailer music, with remixes.

Previous album Love To The Dedicated Listener received press quotes such as “The most inventive music you’ll hear this year” (Dancenova 2007).